Mizzurah Mule / Amazon Buyer

“This is the BEST of the BEST. Great price and 10 gold star Excellent Oregano oil. This is much better quality than what we used from North American Spice.”

Caroline Wangechion / Amazon Buyer

“Absolutely cannot live without this – the quality is amazing. I always keep it in my bag and take at the first sign of illness. Just about to order another bottle.”

Anna Oganwsova / Amazon Buyer

“Best Oil ever. Kills Fungus and Candida or Candida like itchy irritating thing I had for years and all this creams and ointments I used didn’t do anything. My skin is clear now and I’m very happy.

Thanks, Zane Hellas!”

Jo / Amazon Buyer

“This is my second bottle of this magical stuff. It is extremely potent and a little goes a very long way. I am using it as an attempt to deal with systemic candida issues, swallowing one drop mixed with around a tablespoon of olive oil – be careful, it can really burn. This can be used successfully in stronger and more frequent doses when needed as a natural antibiotic, as I discovered when I had a rather bad bladder infection over Christmas. For colds and sinus problems, I steam with it by adding a couple of drops to a bowl of hot water for instant relief. I also use it in a spray bottle mixed with water as a natural antibacterial spray for worktop, lunch bags, etc. and add a couple of drops to the washing machine drawer to disinfect tea towels on a hot wash which, miraculously, at the same time has got rid of any sign of black mould around the drawer area. I am still learning how to use it really, but it is unbelievably effective and makes me wonder why we don’t turn to nature for solutions more often, rather than too readily putting our trust in chemicals and man-made concoctions. There is a lot of information online, so plenty of opportunity to research if it is right for you. There are people who say it has no scientific research to back it up, but after using it and seeing the results, I am convinced that it works as a very strong anti fungal and antibacterial agent. I wouldn’t buy any other brand than this one, from a company who really believe in what they do.”

Mr. James A. Johnson / Amazon Buyer

“Taking 4 drops in a teaspoon of olive oil gives a real warming effect in the mouth and throat and then the goodness continues to work in the body’s system. Certainly, adds a feel good factor to one’s wellbeing. The production and distribution company could not have been more – like dealing with a friend. Highly recommended.”

Lovetoreviewmama / Amazon Buyer

SOOOOO happy to find that Zane Hellas has Oregano Oil Softgels!! I had been using their liquid Oregano Oil, but you have to be SO careful with that, as it is very powerful and potent…These pills are super easy to take, strong, and very effective on my Candida! I was surprised that they came so quickly…they come from Greece, but I think the oil came fast too. I have used other Oregano Oil Softgels, and these are WAY BETTER (more potent)! VERY PLEASED!! Will be a return customer!! THANK YOU!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Andrea Campbell / Zane Hellas Shop Buyer

“If anyone is suffering with Toe Fungus, these people at Zane Hellas are definitely worth a go! I’ve used the “Fungus Stop” and have dramatic results. You need to be patient and remember to use it every day but in time things have changed for the better I did not like the sound of having serious liver damage with the prescription drugs from the doc, so found this instead ! It’s not expensive like some products and is totally natural.

This company is very caring and the service is brilliant, prompt delivery and even had a little pouch of Oregano to try in my cooking!(to which I have ordered as it’s lush) In a world filled with internet companies this is a five star company with five star product.

Thank you Zane Hellas!”

S. Davis / Amazon Buyer

I spent a couple hours researching on Amazon and elsewhere before deciding on this brand of Oregano Oil. It appears to be the best buy to be found for the amount of active ingredient (carvacrol).

WILD Oregano from Greece & STEAM DISTILLED:

All Oregano Oils are NOT the same. Scientific studies have shown that wild oregano oil from the Mediterranean region is more powerful with a higher level of active ingredients. I bought the Zane Hellas brand because if is that type of wild oregano, and also because it is steam distilled (instead of being extracted using chemicals), so it seems to be the purest in every way.


I also like that this brand tells you upfront what the percentage of carvacrol is in each soft gel… in this case, at least 86% (which is very high). This results in each soft gel containing 107.5 mg of carvacrol. I could not find any other brand that had carvacrol levels even close to that high. Carvacrol is the active ingredient in oregano oil, so you want the level to be as high as possible. However, Oregano Oil also contains thymol, which you want to be at a low level (since too much can be toxic). Zane Hellas thymol level is under 2%, which is perfect. This is also the reason it could be dangerous to just take several soft gels from another brand (to get more carvacrol), because you would run the risk of getting too much thymol.

SHIPPING from Greece:

I will admit that part of the reason I spent so much time looking at other brands is that I was impatient to get the item, and hoped to find a USA seller who sold a product just as good that I could get more quickly. In the end, I could not find a product of this quality from a US seller, so I bit the bullet and prepared for a long wait. However, my package arrived in SIX DAYS! With beautiful Greek stamps on it even. That is crazy fast for international shipping. Also, the shipping cost was $4.95 for my entire order of three bottles of soft gels, which was a good deal.

I have just started taking the soft gels a few days ago, so I can’t really comment too much yet on my personal reaction to taking them, but I will update this review later to reflect that. All my research indicates that this should pretty much be the best oregano oil one can buy.

Treating Fingernail Fungus with Zane Hellas Fungus Stop.