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Zane Hellas Is Exclusively Active in The Development, Manufacture, and Distribution of Oregano Oil Products. The climatic conditions – the year-round sunshine, the sea breeze, the sub-soil rich in trace elements – all contribute to the uniqueness and superiority of Greek Oregano. From this non-GMO Oregano, that grows and thrives in the Greek mountains, we produce (via steam distillation), the Essential Oil of Oregano that we offer in our world-class line of products.

As the Gut Plays a Key Role in Your Immune System, Zane Hellas Developed a Formula with a Wide Range of Natural Ingredients to Help Control Yeast Infection & Restore Natural Intestinal Flora Balance



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100% Natural Yeast Defence* with an advanced formula that supports healthy intestinal flora. A synergistic blend of natural ingredients and vitamins that work with your body’s digestive system and help support a healthy fungal balance. CandidFree helps the beneficial bacteria that normally populate the gut and promote detoxification processes*



Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oregano Essential Oil, Garlic oil, Chios Mastic Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract,  Lemongrass Oil, Clove Oil

Origin Greece. – Made in Greece



Add 2 – 4 drops of essential oil of Oregano in a teaspoon of carrier oil (such as olive oil, coconut oil etc.), or in a half glass of water, juice, or milk, and drink it once a day followed by a glass of water. If the mixture is too strong for you, start with 2 drops of CandidFree and gradually step up to 4 drops. A heat sensation is normal.

Safety Information


Should Not be Used by Children Under the Age of 8 • Do Not Use if You Are Allergic to Thyme, Basil, Mint, Sage • Do Not Use if You Are Pregnant or Breast-Feeding • Use Wisely • Consult your health professional.

Storage Information


Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Always close the cap after use.



*These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated by the FDA. This Product is not Intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent any Disease. The FDA Characterizes and Recognizes the Oregano Oil as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

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