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One of our farms near the small town of Kilkis.

Zane Hellas’s farms are located in northern Greece. The climate conditions of Mediterranean along with our professional expertise in oregano cultivation methods contribute to our plant’s uniqueness. Our cultivations are free of synthetic substances such as pesticides & fertilizers. From this Oregano, we create the pure Essential Oil that we offer in our range of products.



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Our variety is Origanum Vulgare – Heracleoticum.

Zane Hellas’s Essential Oil of Oregano comes from the variety Origanum Vulgare – Heracleoticum. Perhaps the best Oregano in the world grows in Greece and is known worldwide as the Greek Oregano.  Greek Oregano leaves contain more oil glands than ordinary oregano giving it the potent and pungent flavor of the Mediterranean.



oregano oil, ριγανέλαιο, αιθέριο έλαιο ρίγανης

Oregano is being cropped via the traditional way. We grow and harvest the finest quality Oregano from our own fields and selected local farmers. Harvest is the most important process when it comes to oregano. In our farms, the harvest is carried out when the volatile essences of the herb are at their highest, in that way we can take advantage of the best the plant has to offer.



steam distillation

Our facilities for Steam Distillation.

After harvesting our oregano, the next stage is distillation. Our Oregano Oil is being extracted via Steam Distillation. Steam Distillation is an ancient practice of extracting essential oils which was firstly noticed by the Greek Alchemist Zosimos of Panopolis. Nowadays, distillation remains the most common method of extracting essential oils from plants. Steam distilled method of extraction allows for continual temperature control of the steam applied to the plant materials, thus preventing degradation of the delicate oregano oil.

Compared to other processes, when steam distillation is used  the volatile components of the plant can be distilled at temperatures lower than the boiling points of their individual constituents and are easily separated from the condensed water. The result is a Pure and Active Essential Oil.