100% Pure Oregano Essential Oils from Greece

Perhaps the best Oregano in the world grows in Greece, and it is known worldwide as the Greek Oregano. From this Oregano, that grows at the Greek mountains, we make the essential Oil of Oregano (steam distilled) that we offer in capsules and liquid type. Scientific studies have shown that Oregano Oil from the Mediterranean region is the most powerful with plenty of beneficial properties. From the best Oregano in the world, we make perhaps the best Oregano Essential Oils in the world.

Zane Hellas’s Oregano Oil is 100% Steam Distilled with no Chemicals and contains at MINIMUM 86% Carvacrol and less than 2% Thymol, which makes it the most effective. Medical Studies have proven Oregano Oil’s benefits.

Zane Hellas offers a variety of Oregano Essential Oils that meet your needs. 100% pure Greek Essential Oil of Oregano that can be diluted in extra virgin olive oil. 70%, 40%, 25% and 15% are pre-diluted Oregano Oil blends with extra Virgin Olive Oil, ready to use. Choose the one that meets your special needs and discover Oregano Oil’s Health Benefits.

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