› 100% Pure Essential Oil of Oregano.
› MINIMUM 86%-90% CARVACROL. Provides 130 mg Carvacrol per serving (per Softgel).
› 60 pcs. 30% Pure Oregano Oil Concentrate Softgels by Zane Hellas.

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Oregano Oil Capsules (Softgels) –  30% Oregano Oil 

Zane Hellas Is Probably the Best Oregano Oil Products Company in The World. Our Company Is Exclusively Active in The Development, Manufacture, and Distribution of Oregano Essential Oil Products.

Oregano Oil Capsules (Softgels) 30%, each softgel contains 30% Pure Oil of Oregano, and 70% Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Softgels are made from a soft layer of gelatin that is very easy to swallow. They are stable, completely sealed and carry a longer shelf life when compared to liquids and capsules. Easy to swallow. Enjoy all the oregano oil benefits thanks to the highest carvacrol rate.

Zane Hellas’s softgels are delivered packaged with instructions and CoA (Certification of Chemical Analysis). Always check for CoA, the percent, and milligrams of Carvacrol contained. Zane Hellas provides the highest rates of Carvacrol per serving. Greek oregano is widely believed to be the best oregano in the world. Greece epitomizes the Mediterranean. The climatic conditions – the year-round sunshine, the sea breeze, the subsoil rich in trace elements – all contribute to the uniqueness and superiority of Greek Oregano.

100% Origanum Vulgare Heracleoticum Oil.
Minimum 86%-90% Carvacrol.
130 mg Carvacrol per serving.
Less than 2% Thymol.
Free of Alcohol & Chemicals.
100% Natural – Origin Greece.

CarvacrolIs the main active ingredient in Oregano Oil. The higher the content of Carvacrol in Oregano Oil the better it is. If the Oregano Oil is low in Carvacrol rate then it will not be as potent regardless of the dosage usable.

ThymolAnother ingredient found in Oregano Oil. It is important that thymol is at a very low rate in Oregano Oil because thymol is toxic in high concentrations.

We produce Probably the Best Oregano Oil from Greece utilizing The Highest Quality Standards from the most beneficial Oregano Herb (Origanum Vulgare Heracleoticum).



Additional information

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• Take 1 Softgel daily, preferably after meal or as directed by your health professional. • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


All ingredients are 100% natural:

› 350 mg. Extra Virgin OIive Oil (Olea europaea fruit oil)

› 150 mg. Essential Oil of Oregano. (Origanum Vulgare Heracleoticum. 86%-90% Min Carvacrol – 130 mg Carvacrol per serving.)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (from bovine), Glycerol, Water.

Free from alcohol, sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg and shellfish.

Origin Greece. – Made in Greece

Safety & Storage

Safety Information

Use wisely. Please do not use this Oregano Oil Softgel if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are allergic to thyme, mint, basil, sage. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Consult your health professional.

Storage Information

Does Not require refrigeration. Keep it in a closed cabinet, dry, room temperature. Close the cap after use.


  1. What are the health benefits of oregano oil?

Oregano oil is believed to have antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies suggest it may help combat bacteria and parasites.

2. Can oregano oil boost the immune system?

There is some evidence that oregano oil may support the immune system due to its antimicrobial compounds, potentially aiding in overall health.

3. Can oregano oil kill candida?

Oregano oil has shown antifungal properties, and some studies propose its effectiveness against Candida, a type of yeast that can cause infections.

4. Can a lung infection be alleviated with oregano oil?

While inhaling oregano oil vapors may offer some respiratory benefits, it’s not a substitute for medical treatment. Consultation with a healthcare professional is essential for lung infections.

5. What is oregano oil?

Oregano oil is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of the oregano plant. It contains compounds like carvacrol and thymol, known for their medicinal properties.

6. How is oregano oil intended to help with sickness?

Oregano oil is promoted for various health issues, including respiratory conditions, digestive problems, and infections. Its antimicrobial properties are thought to contribute to its potential health benefits.

7. What’s so special about oregano oil?

Oregano oil’s uniqueness lies in its concentrated compounds, particularly carvacrol. These compounds exhibit antimicrobial effects, making it a popular choice for natural health enthusiasts.

8. What are the different uses of oregano oil?

Oregano oil is used topically for skin conditions, diluted for oral consumption, and inhaled for respiratory support. It’s also included in some natural remedies for its potential health benefits. However, its uses should be approached with caution and preferably under professional guidance.